The vocation of our terroir

The Pietrantonj estate vineyards lie in the area between Vittorito and Corfinio, at elevations ranging between 350 and 400 metres. The vines enjoy superb exposure to sunlight, while the local terroirs receive abundant ventilation and experience significant temperature differences between day and night, thanks to the nearby Sirente, Maiella, and Morrone mountains that surround the Valle Peligna, forming a long, natural trough.

The soils, which are medium textured, primarily clay but rich in organic material, give an assertive character to the wines that is classic to the area and characteristic of the wines grown on the mid- and high-level hillslopes. These conditions, markedly different from those in the plains or next to the coast, decisively favour the ripening process of the grapes, developing and concentrating the aromatic compounds and keeping acidity levels high.

The 60 hectares of vineyards are dedicated to traditional native grape varieties, such as Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and, in lesser proportions, to the Trebbiano d’Abruzzo, Malvasia, Pecorino, and Campolese or Passerina varieties.

The Pietrantonj winery is committed to developing the full viticultural potential of an area that has historically produced great wines of the highest quality. For this reason, it has carried out painstaking studies of the local terroir and has launched a vineyard selection project whose goal is to preserve and improve the indigenous red-grape varieties. For some years now, it has focused maximum resources on managing its vineyards, 90% of which are trained to the spur-pruned cordon and Guyot systems.

Such vine training systems facilitate the various operations in the vineyards, and they also tend to reduce the grape crop per vine, which in turn significantly improves the sensory qualities of wines grown in the Valle Peligna. Alongside younger plantings, Pietrantonj has also preserved some older vineyards, of 30-35 years of age, whose grapes go to produce select, limited-production wines. The winery deliberately keeps grape yields below those allowed by the DOC production codes, in order to keep quality standards at an absolute level.

Development of a more quality-oriented, specialized viticulture in the Valle Peligna is unfortunately hampered by the phenomenon of rampant division into excessively-small parcels. The Pietrantonj family has, over the years, increased its original nucleus of properties by painstakingly acquiring and adding additional properties, thus creating a complex of family agricultural estates, each with modern, specialised vineyards capable of being farmed mechanically.

But each estate is a unique expression of its own individual environment, boasting its own distinctive history and personality. Together, they represent the finest expression of the land of Abruzzo and of our deepest values.