Passito Rosso IGT
14% vol.
Grape variety
Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 100%
Tenuta del Cerano (340 metres’ elevation) in the commune of Vittorito
Soil profile
Medium-textured, tending to clay
Training system
Vertical trellised to spurred cordon
Vineyard yield
70 q/ha, short-pruned
Harvest period
Exclusively hand-picked, during the first ten days of November, when the berries have semi-dried on the vines. Only the best clusters are selected, and they are placed on mats in special drying lofts that are well ventilated and de-humidified, so that the grapes shed about 50% of their weight.
At the end of January of the following year, the grapes, now very concentrated, undergo a process that is traditional and old-fashioned, given the very small amount of fruit remaining. After de-stemming and pressing, the grapes are given the traditional red-wine fermentation at controlled temperatures, which lasts a lengthy 20-30 days, given the high sugar content of the must. After the drawing-off, the wine goes into a hand-operated press. It finally matures in steel.
Sensory profile
A sipping wine (“vino da meditazione”) of an intense, deep ruby-red, offering impressive, compelling aromas of well-ripened fruit, including wild cherry, dried plum, and fruit preserves. The palate boasts complexity and a fine balance of components, with a full body and an impressively lengthy progression and just the lightest touch of sweetness. Served at meal’s end, this passito loves strong-flavoured cheeses, petits fours, and fruit tarts and pies, and it is superb served with semi-sweet chocolate. It is ideal for those wine-lovers who love sweet, but not cloying, wines.
5-8 years
Serving temperature
18°C (64 F)
Annual production
1,500 bottles of 500 ml
500 ml